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TribeFIT™ will make you functionally fit, combining athletic aerobic movements with functional strength exercises. The result? Sessions that will have you looking and feeling amazingly fit, energised and motivated.

You’re bound to find TribeFIT™ sessions thoroughly enjoyable, with our inspirational TribeFIT™ Trainers that are there with you every step of the way. They’re trained to coach and motivate you to want to reach new levels of strength, season after season. Enjoy the beat of the powerful music designed to inspire you – with TribeFIT™ you’ll soon find yourself taking your fitness to the next level.



TribeLIFE™ will give you renewed energy and get you functionally fit!

Combining low impact aerobic movements with functional
strength exercises, as well as core and flexibility exercises.

TribeLIFE™ will ensure you maintain the correct intensity
during workouts needed to decrease body fat, increase
energy levels and increase functional strength.

Each Tribe Team Training™ programme runs for a 7 week season. 
Each season contains new workout formulas, music and exercises and begins and ends with an assessment, so you can measure your progress.



TribeCORE™ is designed to train the muscles
around your pelvis, hips, back, shoulders and abdomen.
Starting with the deep torso muscles, this will leave you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs, whilst improving your core strength, stability, power and flexibility.

TribeCORE™ is the foundation of all training pathways, whether you are looking to improve your athletic performance or you want to look amazing in your bikini or boardies!


Find out how life:lab
can fuel your potential

We are not a typical large chain or an unfriendly or impersonal gym. Quite the opposite in fact! Come and experience life:lab’s simple and effective training sessions that use the latest technology to deliver the results you want.

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